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Global Youth Volunteer & Ambassador Program(GYV-GYA)

A network of over 100+ young advocates...

Navonmesh Prasar’s GYV-GYA is a worldwide network of over 100+ young advocates and campaigners for quality Education in more than 20 countries. (mainly Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and many more)


The GYVs for Innovation is a network of young people advocating and campaigning for education change around the world (especially South East Asia).


The network offers passionate education advocates between 18 and 30 the opportunity to connect with and learn from other young people while gaining knowledge and developing their skills.

As part of the network, Global Youth Ambassadors (GYAs) are encouraged to take action on global education campaigns with Navonmesh Prasar’s & IPSFRI’s Innovative Education movement.

A GYV Program is one of its kind program for youths across South-East Asia. After the success of last year’s “IPSFRI – IIT Delhi Rural Innovation Program” and “Summer Volunteer School”, we received a tremendous amount of applications this year.

Note: From this year GYV Applications will be selected through the rigorous application procedure which will be open in Nov & March for Winter and Summer Programs respectively. Also, few volunteers will be selected for the online volunteering program.


Your 1-year as a GYV to a global network, including:

  • Multiplying their voice as part of a global network of young people passionate about education
  • Connecting, learning, sharing ideas, discussing, debating and networking with others
  • Providing support to remote schools, innovation schools across India.

The chance to learn and develop as an advocate, including:

  • Deepening knowledge of global education issues
  • Learning about IPSFRI’s campaign priorities and actions
  • Gaining new skills that can strengthen their own national or local education campaigning
  • Access to resources to support learning and development (e.g. toolkits and videos)
  • Get invited to one of our schools, workshops, festivals and other events.
  • You’ll be engaged with online/offline tasks and the best performing GYVs will be promoted to GYA.

Opportunities to take global action on education campaigns, including:

  • Receiving tailored campaign action packs with the opportunity to adapt them for national or local contexts
  • Mobilizing others in global campaigns (e.g. collecting petition signatures)
  • Engaging in media/social media linked to campaigns (e.g. sharing reports and articles)
  • Having the chance to link national advocacy and local voices to global processes and events.
  • Stand a chance to get selected to represent Navonmesh Prasar OR IPSFRI in National/International Events (only for GYAs)



Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a Global Youth Volunteer / Ambassador?

Present GYV Requirements for 15 days Winter Program(15 Dec- 30 Dec 2019):

  1. GYV (Public Relations) – Responsible for developing and maintaining the public images of their clients or organizations. This may involve issuing press releases, promoting press releases, maintaining a social media presence and arranging public appearances.
  2. GYV (Skill Developer) – Responsible for developing/prototyping projects with kid innovators.
  3. GYV (Campaigner) – Responsible for campaigning and promoting our programs, events and fundraising campaigns across the globe through online/offline platforms.
  4. GYV (Path-Breaker) – Responsible for creating and innovating projects. This involves ideation, design, fundraising and prototyping of the complete project. Submission of Project proposal required.

Other Responsibilities of GYVs:

  • Engage rural students with innovative activities through Winter/summer/online programs.
  • Promote our programs, events and campaigns through social media.

The network offers passionate education advocates between 18 and 30 the opportunity to connect with and learn, from other young people, while gaining knowledge and developing their skills. If this sounds like you, please fill out the application here.

To be one of the GYV, Apply here: http://www.navonmeshprasar.org/apply-global-youth-volunteer/