Odisha, INDIA

International Public School For Rural Innovation

about ipsfri

It was founded in October 2015, with a realization that a major section of our society lives in rural areas and it is quite important to have EdTech initiatives in these parts of the country.  
IPSFRI is an alternative school that focuses on experiential and experimental learning. The school focuses on bring STEAM-Ed pedagogy to learn even the simplest part of our framework.

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."


Our mission at IPSFRI is to work at the grass-roots level to create future innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders from the rural backgrounds of Odisha, and to showcase that one’s background does not impact their work and hence inspiring our students to best serve the world in the 21st century and make a meaningful impact towards the betterment and development of the society.


IPSFRI sets the standard for STEM education through innovation in the learning pedagogy in the rural areas. We are committed at working at the grassroots level for creating an ideal learning environment, which will enables our students to experience an unconventional educational journey which is intellectually, socially and personally transformative.


> To catalyze rural talents by providing them a robust platform > To establish our students in our three pillars – research, education, and service. > To foster innovation, leadership & entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. > To enrich the society by making our students capable enough in playing a leading role in social, cultural, economic and environmental development.

why ipsfri?

We are a STEM-Ed based content specialty for rural-based schools. We are educating our students in the vernacular Indian language where we strive to empower and support local youth. Here in IPSFRI and Navonmesh Prasar Kendra, we use innovative tools to teach even the simplest lessons to the students. Our campus has an innovative room with a 3D printer, laser cutters, drill machines, cutting machines, woodcutters, welding machines and all kinds of small tools that would help the students in understanding their lessons in a much more practical way. Also, all these machines are equipped with ‘kill switch technology’ that would ensure the safety of the students. Our center offers different classes which are one of its kinds, namely – तोड फोड जोड tod-phod-jod, कबाड़ से-जुगाड़ kabad-se-jugaad, and ज़ोर का झटका zor-ka-jhatka.


We just don't stop here...

Inquiry-based and application-oriented approaches across all subjects and age groups enable students to learn about and respect a range of ideas, independently and collaboratively with others. It helps them develop new perspectives and take responsibility for their learning. Our teachers make use of flipped classrooms, project-based learning, brainstorming, role play, interactive lab experiments and self, and peer evaluation, to make learning more engaging and effective.


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You can reach us at -

IPSFRI Campus, Village-Baral, 42Mouza, Cuttack,Odisha, INDIA
Email us at - hq@navprasar.org