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About NaPSAT

About NaPSAT

The journey started when our founder Er Anil Pradhan dreamt of preparing student’s team for NASA Rover Challenge. Navonmesh Prasar Foundation, helped mentors to connect with students across India to teach subjects using hands-on learning pedagogy

Navonmesh Prasar Foundation received World Rank 3 in the High School Division. Along with this, we also received Videography Award.

The whole process started 8 months back when we interviewed around 800 students and among those we selected top 10 students who later became the part of team NaPSAT.

Among those 10 students, we have 3 such students who are from economically backward background. One of them worked as a cycle mechanic, another is a girl working in a road-side welding shop and third is a migrant labour.

About the challenge

NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge features an engineering design challenge to engage students worldwide in the next phase of human space exploration  This year NASA selected our proposal and invited our team to Huntsville, Alabama, USA in April, 2021.

The NaPSAT Team

NaPSAT team comprises of students, educators, industry experts and managers.

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Our Proud Alumni 2020- 2021 Batch

Stories of Change

Stories of Change

From left to right –

Former Cycle Mechanic – to now Welder, Team NaPSAT

Former worked at roadside welding shop – to now Welder, Team NaPSAT

Former Migrant Labourer – to now Welder, Team NaPSAT

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NaPSAT’s HERC Team created history by becoming India’s 1st interdisciplinary U-19 Team to be selected for NASA Human Rover Challenge. The team received World Rank 3 and the Videography Award.

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