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About NaPSAT

About NaPSAT

The Navonmesh Prasar Student Astronomy Team (NaPSAT) is the brainchild of Er Anil Pradhan and Er Vaishali Sharma. This landmark project is taken up by Navonmesh Prasar Foundation. The vision of this program is to create curiosity among school, skill development & university students in the field of Space and Astronomy. We are an interdisciplinary team of Space enthusiasts across disciplines, who are engaged in projects ranging from the design of space systems, rovers, rockets, satellites and astronomy to participate in various international events.


NaPSAT’s HERC Team created history by becoming India’s 1st interdisciplinary U-19 Team to be selected for NASA Human Rover Challenge. The team will represent INDIA at NASA HERC 2021, Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

On-going projects

We have 2 groups of space enthusiasts – 


2. NaPSAT 1.0 – Nanosat

NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge features an engineering design challenge to engage students worldwide in the next phase of human space exploration  This year NASA selected our proposal and invited our team to Huntsville, Alabama, USA in April, 2021.

The vision of this program is to engage school students in Satellite designing. We aim to develop and launch a NanoSat named  NaPSAT 1.0 (Navonmesh Prasar Satellite) to space.

Our Journey

Overall Project 60%
Rover Construction 70%
Fund Raised 35%

Our journey started when we selected 10 brilliant students from villages and towns of Odisha to send a proposal to NASA. This year, NASA has approved the proposal of our dedicated team comprising of high school & ITI students from different remote locations of India, thus making us the first interdisciplinary U19 team to proudly represent our country and carry our flag proudly.

We’ve now started the construction of the entire rover. While we are actively gearing up for this challenge, we need your help to make our efforts go even further! We would like to humbly appeal you to help us in any possible way so we may inch closer towards this dream of creating history by making India win at NASA HERC. Every monetary donation is an investment into moulding the citizens for the India of tomorrow, abound with passionate and innovative students who are not afraid to dream. 

We’re raising funds to construct, test and transport this rover to Huntsville, USA. We would really appreciate if you can either donate, or share our story with someone who can , so we can prove to the world that for the youth of India, even sky is not the limit.

The NaPSAT Team

NaPSAT team comprises of students, educators, industry experts and managers.

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