Odisha, INDIA

Leadership Team

Navonmesh Prasar was not born fully formed but grew out of the idea and implementation of IPSFRI-School for Rural Innovation, and the influential and supportive people who were there in the early days. They were there when its purpose was defined. They were there when it was named. And they were there when the first teacher was hired – the teacher who would set the standard for all of the others who followed.

Vaishali Sharma

Chief Operating Officer
Co-Founder, Navonmesh Prasar Foundation

Anil Pradhan

Founder, School for Rural Innovation (IPSFRI)
Founder, Navonmesh Prasar Foundation

Ashesh Padhi

Board Member, NaPSIL

Sudeepta Kishore Dash

Advisory Board Member, NaPSAT

Nanda Mohapatra

Advisory Board Member, NaPSAT

Our team does not end here,

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Navonmesh Prasar Fellow includes – Rural Innovation Fellows, IPSFRI-XIMB Management Fellows and Global Youth Volunteers. To know more about them click the below link –