Odisha, INDIA

Winter Innovation Camp (WIC)

About the program:

WIC is a 1-week long purpose-based hands-on learning program focused on bringing together young minds from various cities under one roof to experience the rural environment full of art, innovation, science and technology.

When: 23 Dec- 31 Dec 2019

The program focused on students from class 3 to 11 who have a thirst for science and innovation.

What was taught to the students?

IPSFRI- School for Rural Innovation, a unit of Navonmesh Prasar Foundation is the only premier institute in Odisha to impart experimental and hands-on learning platforms to school students through programs like these.

The program provided a platform for students to learn in an environment away from the rush of the city. This intense program focused on building youth innovators through a practical approach and problem-solving.

Along with technical skills, equal importance was given for improving and working on the soft skills of the students. Hence each day, before starting with the main activities, a session of ‘Soft Skills’ was conducted.

The below table displays the topics that were covered during the program –

Day-1Inauguration and Orientation
Day-2 3D Printing
Day-3 Programming & Coding
Day-4Underwater Robot construction
Day-5Up-cycling and recycling कबाड़ से-जुगाड़
Day-6 Electronics ज़ोर का झटका & Basic Robotics
Day-7Project Report

There are multiple ways of experiencing what Navonmesh Prasar’s WIC 2019 had to offer –

  • Children who haven’t experienced short-term innovation programs may wish to sign up for our such future program, which provides an opportunity to sample what WIC had to offer; once the child’s curiosity is piqued, they could sign up for our more In-Depth programs
  • What more for this year’s Innovation Camp:
    • We will be shortly updating the details of our ‘Summer Innovation Camp’ – keep visiting the website for registration.

We will have programs at IPSFRI throughout the academic year, with a greater concentration of programs around vacation times for children. Also get in touch with us, so that we can contact you to work through the right program for your child.